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March 31, 2014
Fun with Corporate Conscience Clauses

Fun with Corporate Conscience Clauses

Read at the NYTimes

The Supreme Court heard the Hobby Lobby Case last week. Hobby Lobby has been very vocal about their opposition to the birth control mandate ever since the Affordable Care Act became law. I drew another cartoon about that over two years ago.

A for-profit company that employs the general public has no business imposing its owners’ religious beliefs onto its employees. But the Supreme Court loves corporate persons more than flesh and blood persons, so Hobby Lobby’s employees should probably read up on the rhythm method.

Debunked Medical Myths

Debunked Medical Myths

read at The Nib

Americans believe a lot of dumb stuff when it comes to medicine. I drew up some of the lesser-known ones for last week’s exclusive cartoon for The Nib.

I was recently informed of the existence of gummy vitamins for adults. They are candy that is stocked in the health and wellness section of the grocery store for some reason.

G.O.P. Youth Outreach

GOP Youth Outreach

read on Daily Kos or GoComics

I drew this cartoon after the RNC released a series of “Hipster Republican” ads. Here’s one of them, if you managed to avoid them:

I’m sure the DNC will release an equally laughable attempt to appear cool as the midterm elections start to heat up.

March 17, 2014 Goes Viral Goes Viral

Read at The New York Times

I’m a comedy nerd and have been a huge fan of Zach Galifianakis even before his “Late World with Zach” briefly made VH1 watchable. So unlike most people who have to follow politics for a living, I enjoyed Obama’s appearance on “Between Two Ferns” to plug the national insurance exchange website. At least it’s an intentional comedy program, unlike the Sunday shows which are all terrible and turn anyone who watches them into humorless prigs.

In actual ObamaCare news, Massachusetts’ insurance exchange remains FUBAR’d. My current insurance keeps getting extended, but I would like to have more permanent coverage. I am no longer a “young invincible” and would like insurance in case a lump starts growing in my balls or anywhere else, really.

Last Week’s ‘Toons, Today!

Internet outages and other hilarious fuck-ups kept me from plugging links to my comics last week. Here ya go.

Obama Calls Putin

Obama Calls Putin

Read on DailyKos.

Putin’s move to annex Crimea is bad. Too bad the US doesn’t have the moral authority to do anything about it.

Bargain Book Club

Bargain Book Club

Read on The Nib

In last week’s exclusive cartoon for The Nib, I returned to a long-dormant bit from my BFW days.

March 3, 2014
A Townie Takes on “Wahlburgers”


Click to read on The Nib

I live just up the road from the reality TV show set/burger restaurant “Wahlburgers.” So I left my apartment in Quincy, took 3A over the Fore River Bridge and down to an upscale outdoor mall in Hingham to report on these B-list burgers.

The food was OK. But its trying-too-hard fake-Boston-ness was worse than Julianne Moore’s accent on “30 Rock.”

Handbook for Homophobes

Handbook for Homophobes

click to read at the New York Times

Arizona’s terrible anti-gay discrimination bill was vetoed by Governor Jan Brewer, and now homophobes need all the help they can get.

Massachusetts might’ve been at the forefront of marriage equality, but anti-gay discrimination is still making news in our more regressive enclaves. Like almost everything in Southie, South Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade is run by terrible monsters. The dumb fucks are finally letting a few gays march in their celebration of day-drinking, but with this caveat:

The group, MassEquality, could not wear T-shirts or hold signs that include the word gay or refer to sexual orientation.

Presumably, attendees to the parade will still be permitted to wear their precious “Fuck Me, I’m Irish” t-shirts while shouting homophobic things about Derek Jeter. You know, “traditional Boston revelry.”

“Stand Your Ground” Dirtbag

Stand Your Ground Dirtbag

Click to read at Daily Kos

I forgot to post links to last week’s cartoons. This one was inspired by the Michael Dunn trial; yet another instance of “Stand Your Ground” being used to justify being a murderous racist. Unlike Zimmerman, Dunn was convicted of attempted murder for the people he didn’t successfully shoot to death.

February 18, 2014
All-American Winter Games

All-American Winter Games

Click to read at the New York Times, or on The Nib

I haven’t caught Olympic fever, but this winter has brought on a major case of cabin fever to everyone in the northeast. Complaining about the weather is a tradition even older than the Olympics, so I figured I’d join in.

Apparently other parts of the country/world are experiencing different weather abnormalities, but I don’t have to walk on their unshoveled sidewalks, so who cares?

February 11, 2014
Thoughtless Valentines

Thoughtless Valentines

Click to read at The Nib

I’ve posted some Valentines you can send to anyone with the click of a button. I’m sure your loved ones will appreciate that act of half-assery.

Be sure to follow The Nib, to read more exclusive cartoons from myself and other cartoonists, as well as my weekly chats with Matt Bors.

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