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March 29, 2006
Watch Wonder Showzen This Friday You Losers!

wondershowzen.jpgIf you don’t frequent the near-invisible triple digit portion of your cable spectrum, you might’ve missed the first season of Wonder Showzen, the greatest show that’s still on the air. At first glance it might appear to be just shock humor, but it’s some of the best social and political commentary on television.

The DVD for the first season came out yesterday, so you can buy it or Netflix it if you don’t get MTV2. Even poor smelly me bought it. The extras and commentaries are worth it, but buying DVDs of shows you like is the only way to encourage networks to produce good things instead of mindless LCD dreck unless you have a Nielsen box.

Season 2 starts Friday night at 9:30. You should also be watching Moral Orel on Adult Swim. And if Dino finds this by googling his show: hi and thanks for making good TV.

12 Responses to Watch Wonder Showzen This Friday You Losers!
  1. Ben Smith Says:

    Moral Orel is outstanding. I’ve also been enjoying the Boondocks.

    And as much as I didn’t want to, I’ve also even warmed up to Aqua Teen Hunger Force…

  2. Brian Says:

    Moral Orel is the antithesis of an Adult Swim cartoon. They actually seem to care about how it looks. Plus they cram more jokes and detail into 11 mins than most sitcoms do.

    I’ve been unable to get into the Boondocks, both the strip and the show. I’m sure that will get me kicked out of the cartoonist’s union.

    I was an early fan of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but after the second season, it got too repetitive and formulaic for my tastes. Tom Goes to the Mayor is good in spite of its intentionally jarring visual style. The live action segments hint at what Tim and Eric could do with a better format.

  3. Evil_Ed Says:

    Wonder Showzen was recommended to me by my local DVD bootlegger, so I’m not helping their ratings, but I’m a fan. Tom Goes to the Mayor is downright awful. I guess I’m getting to my limit on the whole “funny because it’s retarded” thing. Maybe it’s just me. I can’t stand “12 oz. Mouse” either. I like Boondocks the strip, but the show is slow-paced and pointlessly unpleasant. Moral Orel is definitely good stuff. I’m on the fence with “Squidbillies.”

    It’s funny to call ATHF “formulaic,” but you’re right, it has gotten repetitive.

    Has anybody ever met a Neilsen family? It’s kind of weird that they haven’t figured out a better way to judge ratings–I’d have thought they’d be monitoring everyone’s TiVo activity.

  4. Brian Says:

    I only started to like TGTTM after a couple of episodes. The only reason why I stuck with it is because I liked a lot of what Tim and Eric did earlier and am a giant nerdly fanboy of everything Bob Odenkirk does.

    I meant each episode of ATHF follows its own predictable formula. It’s the same reason why I no longer read the Onion.

    You’re right. Tivo could make a fortune providing advertiser’s information. I don’t have one, but would gladly have my viewing habits spied on if it meant we’d get more Deadliest Catch and less Ryan Seacrest.

  5. Ben Smith Says:

    For “funny,” I think (aside from the Family Guy reruns) that Harvey Birdman is the funniest one on the roster. Caught the one last night where he represents Apache Chief after he spilled coffee in his lap and couldn’t “grow big” anymore…

  6. Brian Says:

    Family Guy?! Funny?! Nooooooooooooooo!

    That was a good Harvey Birdman.

    Comedy Central should use the Adult Swim model to produce some cheap, low commitment live action alternative comedy programming.

    Hey everybody, for some reason a shitty magazine that specializes in objectifying women has a hilarious interview with Trevor, the world’s most awesome 12-year-old.

  7. Dino Stamatopoulos Says:


    Guess what? I did find this through google, embarrassingly enough. Had to say something though. Thanks and you’re welcome!


  8. Brian Says:

    Hi Dino,
    Thanks for visiting my shitty slice of the internet and leaving a note. I wrote that bit because I lurk on A Special Thing and read the post about you Googling the show.

  9. Dino Stamatopoulos Says:

    Very smart of you.

  10. Brian Says:

    Lest anyone think I was only fishing for you to make an appearance here, I really think Moral Orel and Wonder Showzen appeal to the same audience. I just figured you might come across this post.

    BTW, I used to do stop motion videos in my bedroom that are eerily similar to the ones Orel makes during the credits of most of the episodes.

  11. Dino Stamatopoulos Says:

    Yeah, me too. Well, obviously I haven’t gotten any better since I did three of those Orel bedroom animations. Scott Adsit and Jay Johnston also did a couple each. We didn’t want the animators to animate those parts because they would have looked too good.

    Fun blog, by the way.

  12. Brian Says:

    The animators do a good job of making it look like Orel’s the one making your animations then. I’m sure it’s mind-numbingly tedious, but I would love to see footage of you guys doing them as a special feature on the DVD, which I’m guessing won’t be out until after season 2.

    [shameless self-promotion]If you enjoyed the blog, you might like my shitty cartoons.[/shameless self-promotion]

    Anyone who’s read this far and hasn’t seen it already will enjoy Dino’s interview on the Moral Orel site.

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