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January 28, 2009
The Alt-Comics Purge

Tom Tomorrow‘s been tops covering and compiling reactions to this week’s alt-weekly comics shitstorm.

Jen’s assessment is probably the most optimistic of the bunch, and I agree with her. Altweeklies that are rooted in the community, something Village Voice Media hasn’t been since it merged into a national super-beast, will probably be able to ride this out. Hopefully cartoonists can to.

4 Responses to The Alt-Comics Purge
  1. Abell Smith Says:

    Hey man, WTF? You’re not getting fed into the CWA site anymore? I just realized I missed like the last 2 months of BFW… crap-sandwich!

    If that were my cartoon, that would be about 5 hours of reading to catch up on…

  2. Brian McFadden Says:

    Yeah, something’s up with the feed-eating aggregator. It can’t tell when my posts were made, so it doesn’t publish them. I spent WAY too much time trying to fix it after the holidays to no avail.

  3. Brian McFadden Says:

    Aha! after typing that comment I checked the help files, and I think I solved it. We shall see.

    For the nerd-curious, I had to upgrade some wp-includes files over on the CWA server.

  4. Melissa Says:

    I’m glad you are all posting on your sites about this (just got done reading through them)…good to keep those of us in our own recession-world up to date on what we’ll be missing if we don’t watch out!

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