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Erudite Ferrets

These were intended to illustrate a joke I made in this cartoon. But it caught on independently of the comic.

I’ll update this page sporadically whenever the spirit moves me.


PBS Ferret

Updike Ferret

Yawning Ferret

Space Ferret

20 Responses to Erudite Ferrets
  1. Samuel A. Falvo II Says:

    AWESOME! These rock! I love ICHC, but this is every bit as funny!

  2. jp Says:

    ha i love these i am spreading this meme like anthrax in correspondences

  3. Argent Stonecutter Says:

  4. Brian McFadden Says:

    Excellent work!

  5. Bruce Says:

    Love ‘em.
    I especially relate to the “beg the question” ferret.

  6. Belle Says:

    I knew ferrets were smarter than cats!

  7. Belle Says:

    Um… “Smart marmot aficionados” know that marmots (ground squirrel rodents) are not in any way related to ferrets (mustelids).

  8. Brian McFadden Says:

    I’m just a guy who made a goofy cartoon, not a weasel pedant.

  9. Argent Stonecutter Says:

  10. Argent Stonecutter Says:

  11. Zara Says:

    I never got into lolcatz cause I couldn’t stand the thought of promoting such bad spelling and grammar. I love this!

  12. Argent Stonecutter Says:

    Politically correct ferret:

  13. Argent Stonecutter Says:

    Pluto IS a planet!

  14. Argent Stonecutter Says:

    Much better “mustelid” image:

  15. tomasz. Says:

  16. Mark Says:

    You’ve re-envisioned Wile E. Coyote for the 21st century.

  17. Natalie Fontane Says:

    Hey, I love the last one. Can I have permission to post it on my blog?

  18. Dae Says:

    You really need to update these :)
    throw in a few domesticated ferrets too

  19. FuRrY321 Says:

    These are great!

    While I may not be a ferret, I’m still a programmer, and we need to spell things correctly!

    I still like lolcats and loldogs, though ;)

  20. Bloo Blah Says:

    You guys need to stop cussing and especially on ferret pics it makes me mad if not I will post so many comments it won’t be funny

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